Frequently Asked Questions

Tile Contractors operate a little differently than other laborers.  These are frequently asked questions regarding pricing and procedures.

Q: Can you give a price over the phone?
A: Titus Tileworks proudly offers complementary estimates.  Each job has its own complexities that need to be taken into account, therefore any prices given over the phone can not be considered accurate.

Q: Do you do your own work?
A: Yes!  Titus Tileworks prides itself on keeping all labor in house.  The photos on this website are of installations Jude Titus has done personally, so you can be assured your house will receive the same level of expertise.

Q: Is the price the same regardless of tile size?
A: The complexity of setting tile varies depending on the sizes and patterns selected.  Outlets, corners, and walls all factor into the amount of labor required, which determines the price.

Q: Do you have square foot pricing for floors?
A: Square foot pricing is typically based on an open field of flooring.  Doorways, cabinets, and islands add additional cuts and workarounds.  Typically square foot pricing is reserved for commercial work of 500 square feet or more.

Q: What is the difference between you and the big box stores?
A: Big box stores use subcontractors for their labor.  These contractors earn a fraction of every dollar, and are not able to make a name for themselves.  Box store subcontractors therefore rely on volume, not quality.  You spend valuable time and energy selecting just the right materials for your renovations.  Your vision can only come to light by selecting a reputable installation expert.


Client Tips

  • Try specialty tile warehouses for better selection and quality
  • Ask to take samples          home to see them in your own lighting
  • Write all questions down prior to your estimate
  • Don't worry about grout color - choose that after the tile has been set